Vasky to open store on Na Prikope in downtown Prague

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-16   08:18

Vaclav Stanek features in an article in Forbes magazine as he is the founder of the Vasky brand of shoes, which are produced in factories owned by his father through his company Flexiko. When the crisis hit, the company was producing around 12,000 pairs of shoes per month, but Stanek at the moment is hoping to produce and sell at least 50,000 this year. He told Forbes that while the pandemic has hurt sales, the crisis has had at least one silver lining. Along with the company's four stores in the Czech Republic, it will be adding a new one on Na Prikope. "The conditions from landlords are better and more tolerable," says Stanek. "Thanks to that we'll in a prestigious address." Vasky should reach CZK 140 million in sales this year, which would represent a tripling of its results from 2019. "Nobody knows now when we'll open, it depends on the situation. But I'm an optimist, the Covid-19 numbers are improving and I believe that maybe we'll be able to open the store on Na Prikope on November 23 for our customers in some format." Vasky has added tennis shoes to its range of goods as well as clothes and accessories.