Veselí nad Moravou wants to build more plots for houses in the Hutník locality

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-01-11   15:40

Veselí nad Moravou in the Hodonín region wants to continue building plots for family houses in the Hutník locality. Last autumn, the town completed the first stage, which lasted several years, when 50 plots were created. In December, the city council approved rules for continuing in the downstream area. The project is still in its initial phase, city spokeswoman Olga Svoják said today.

Another 21 plots and houses are expected to be built in the area known as RD Hutník II. "At a meeting in December, councillors approved the rules for the property rights settlement of the land, i.e. the conditions set by the city. Negotiations will continue with the owners of the plots about the buyout," Svoják said. She said there are more reasons for building on Hutnik. "The city owns a small part of the land here, utilities have been completed on the border of this area and there are also plans to build a road with a connection to the I/54 road," she added.

The town hall began planning the conversion of arable land for the construction of family houses in 2013. Construction work on the first stage of the project began in 2019, and the town had the complete technical and transport infrastructure built for CZK 45 million. The plots of land intended for the construction of houses were offered through a public tender.

The town hall is also completing the Nová tržnice residential project in the city centre. Construction of the first section of 18 apartments began in spring 2021 and lasted a year. In mid-2022, construction began on two mixed-use buildings, Section A with nine apartments and Section B with 15 apartments.

Section B has been completed since late last year. "The city sold nine apartments and leased five in several rounds of public tender. One is vacant and the city has yet to offer it. Seven doctor's offices have also been built in this section of the building. As of this year, there are three dental offices, three orthodontics and one dental hygiene," the spokeswoman said. The city will take over Building A from the contractor next week. Nine apartments have been built there, three of which have been sold and six are still vacant. There are three non-residential spaces on the ground floor, which will house a florist, a beauty salon and a locksmith.

Veselí nad Moravou is located in the south-east of the South Moravian Region, in close proximity to the Uherské Hradiště district in the Zlín Region. The town has about 11,500 inhabitants. For this year, it has an approved budget with revenues of CZK 408 million and expenditures of just under CZK 390 million.

Source: CTK