VoltAir building in Berlin becomes the representative office location for biotech company

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-08-04   06:14

ABG Real Estate Group has let approx. 90,000 sqm of commercial space in the last seven months – despite a challenging economic environment. Leases included prime locations in the top cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Dusseldorf. Adding to its successful track record, ABG, together with its joint venture partner Felix Gädeke, has now signed a lease with a leading German biotech company for space in the VoltAir office and commercial building complex in Berlin’s Mitte district. The listed company will establish its representative office for the German capital in the landmark property. Another future tenant for VoltAir will be the market-leading international music publishing house Hal Leonhard. With the conclusion of these two leases, VoltAir’s office space is now fully let even before the property’s completion.

With a number of successful leases signed in recent months, ABG Real Estate has been making a sizeable contribution to the German real estate market, where letting figures for the top 7 and top 8 locations thus far in 2022 have reached 1.35 million square metres and 1.8 million square metres respectively. ABG’s leases include distinctive landmark properties: Central Parx in Frankfurt am Main’s historic Rothschildpark, the Deutschlandhaus on Gänsemarkt in Hamburg, and the YORCKS building on Dusseldorf's “Knowledge Mile” (“Wissensmeile”). Every lease in the top locations has been concluded on a long-term basis.

The most recent successful agreements concern the VoltAir landmark property in Berlin. VoltAir already counts as one of Berlin’s most attractive and state-of-the art office complexes: it is situated in Berlin’s Mitte business district (bordering Alexanderstrasse, Voltairestrasse, and Dircksenstrasse), which is rapidly growing in stature in terms of the city's economy and where a number of renowned companies are located. The first new tenant is a leading German biotech company, which is leasing 1,700 sqm to establish its representative office for the German capital and is scheduled to move in at the end of 2023. The second new tenant is the leading international music publishing house Hal Leonhard, which will move in at the beginning of 2023 and occupy around 250 sqm. Colliers Berlin (for the biotech company) and BNP Berlin (Hal Leonhard) acted as real estate agents. Three renowned companies – Seven Senders, BIT Capital and TomTom – secured space in the VoltAir property as early as December 2021, followed by digital bank N26 in January 2022, which will establish its German headquarters there.

Ulrich Höller, Managing Partner at ABG Real Estate Group, said: “It is not only the sheer amount of square metres let out, but also the quality of the leases where ABG’s team has achieved excellent results in the past months. Full occupancy of the VoltAir property in Berlin adds to this successful development.”