XLMX takes 25,000 sqm lease at P3 Lovosice

by   CIJ iDesk I
2020-05-22   12:56
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XLMX obchodní s.r.o., the company that controls the furniture retail brands KIKA, Möbelix and XXXLutz has agreed to a 25,000 sqm lease at P3 Lovosice. It will use the location to supply not just the Czech market but other European countries as well. The deal follows a pair of previous leases agreed between the furniture specialist and P3 in two other locations: P3 Olomouc and P3 Senec. XLMX executive director Jiří Šulc said that location and speed were important factors in deciding on which industrial park to choose. "The ability to begin operations immediately after signing the contract was a big plus, but for distribution warehouses the important thing is accessibility to the motorway network, which P3 Lovosice clearly does," said Šulc. Cushman & Wakefield was involved in the deal between the two companies at the industrial park, which has 35,000 sqm of space available.