Zijin Bor Copper invests USD 150 million in equipment in 2020

by   CIJ News iDesk VII
2021-02-11   16:40

Zijin Copper invested USD 151.1 million in the purchase of new mining and metallurgical equipment in 2020. Zijin Bor Copper's deputy managing director Simon Ling said earlier that the company planned to invest USD 1.26 billion in capacity and equipment overhaul, as well as environmental and safety improvements at the Bor mining complex.

The largest monthly investment, of USD 36 million, was made in November, when seven large trucks with a payload capacity of 240 tonnes each were delivered to the Veliki Krivelj and Majdanpek mines.

In statement that company released said that in 2020, the company allocated an average of about USD 12.5 million a month for new equipment, and the budget for those purposes was in accordance with the needs in the production and processing of ore. The total amount that was spent last year for the purchase of mining and metallurgical machines is not only the purchase of machinery, but also includes various other equipment, parts and assembly works.