Ali Madadi sells part of the UTREC Chitila platform to Kaufland

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-11-25   09:16

Businessman Ali Madadi, the owner of the car dealer Rădăcini Motors, sells to the German retailer Kaufland 2.2 hectares of the land of the former UTREC Chitila industrial platform, and on the rest of the land up to 3.7 hectares he will build a retail park adjacent to the hypermarket.

"On the UTREC platform we will make a retail park. In addition to a large hypermarket, we will build about 6,000 sqm of commercial space that we will rent. We have issued the town planning certificates and we hope to start the execution in a year and a half. We need a Zonal Urban Plan, after which we start the execution ", said Filip Todosia, the representative of Rădăcini Estate.