CEZ will increase the price of electricity from the New Year, customers will pay about a third

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-03   08:58

The energy company CEZ will increase the price of electricity from the New Year. At the most common rates, customers pay an average of about a third on the invoice. The increase does not apply to customers who have a contractually fixed price. The reason for the increase is the increase in the wholesale price of electricity, announced CEZ spokesman Roman Gazdík.

However, the price per megawatt-hour consumed will double, for example, at the most common D02 rate. While so far people have paid CZK 1,700 without VAT for a megawatt hour, now it will be CZK 3,120. The overall price on the invoice is helped by the fact that the regulated fees remain the same at the moment. Their amount will be announced by the Energy Regulatory Office for November next year, but analysts do not expect any significant increase.

"For the most common rates for households that cook and light up electricity, a change in price lists will mean higher payments by an average of CZK 250 per month," Gazdík said. Clients with active fixation will pay the same prices as before, ČEZ has secured electricity for them and will comply with the conditions of fixation.

Source: CTK