CKD Blansko to be auctioned off for CZK 95 million

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-08-04   09:39

The CKD Blansko factory has been put back up for auction, following an unsuccessful first attempt last year. In order to attract offers, the auction company Prokonzulta has reduced the lowest bid from CZK 138 million to CZK 95 million. The factory comes with 21 hectares of land along with buildings that are leased long-term to CKD Blansko Holding. It will take considerable courage for anyone to make a bid. A representative of Prokonzulta said after the first attempt that dealing with the leases and liens connected with the property generally took a few years. The town of Blansko would welcome a solution to the issue, however. Its plans to build a bike route are currently blocked by its inability to buy the land it needs for the project from CKD Blansko.