Construction of Prague ring road could begin by 2022

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-07-31   07:37

The Czech Highway Authority has (RSD) has finally secured planning for the completion of a 12 kilometer stretch of Prague's outer ring road. Mayor Zdenek Hrib made the announcement on Twitter where he wrote that construction could start in 2022. The RSD confirmed that the permit was issued on Thursday and that complaints could still be filed. Just to get to this point, the city had to react to a total of 1,165 objections. Construction was supposed to begin next year, but was made impossible when the mistakes of a planning official in the town of Uhrineves were were discovered. In all, the ring road is planned to be 83 kilometers in length, but at the moment, just half of it has been built. The new stretch will lead from the D1 to Bechovice.