Czech tourists stuck on border with Europeans fleeing Croatia

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-08-24   10:47

Czechs are among the thousands of tourists returning home from Croatia to have gotten stuck at the Slovenian border. Seemingly endless lines of cars built up before the border after some European countries began warning their citizens not to visit the country because of a new outbreak there of coronavirus. Austrian border guards began stopping motorists at its Slovenian border on Sunday and recording their contact details, which resulted in delays of as long as 12 hours. Later in the day, the Austrians reduced their activity to random checks. The Czech government continues to classify Croatia a safe location, but 35 Czechs who tested positive for Covid-19 had returned recently from the country. Over 5,000 people are currently listed as Covid-19 positive at the moment in the Czech Republic, with the daily number of cases having risen to between 200 and 300.