eToro: 15% of Polish investors have foreign assets

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-24   08:35

15% of Polish investors invest in international assets, according to an eToro study. The respondents would be more willing to invest in global markets if they had the support of an advisor (24%) or access to information in Polish (22%).

The main concerns mentioned by the respondents are: lack of knowledge on how to evaluate international assets (27%), insufficient knowledge of the English language (22%), lack of knowledge about access to information (20%). 18% prefer to support Polish industries, and 11 % admit that they know the Polish market better than the global one. 10% feel safer investing in domestic assets. 12% of respondents believe that the costs of investing in foreign assets are too high, according to the eToro study.

The survey shows that respondents could invest in global markets more willingly if they had the support of an advisor (24%) or access to information in Polish (22%). 19% expect better access to information about various assets. The same number of respondents would invest in foreign assets more often if their friends were successful in this field. The ability to pay out in local currency is an important factor for 14% of respondents. 9% declare that they do not want to invest in global markets at all.

Poles who decide to invest in global markets have different motivations. 29% have more confidence in the growth potential of international equities. 24% predict that long-term profits on the foreign market will be higher than on the Polish market. The same number of respondents want to invest in companies and sectors that will have a positive impact on the climate. Slightly less, 21%, want to invest in international brands, companies and sectors they know and believe in their future. 15% want to diversify their portfolio in various world economies. 14% pay attention to whether the companies run a real ESG program, it was also indicated.

"For a long time, the biggest problem was the lack of access to foreign stocks. Now that has changed, thanks to the development of digitization and the removal of barriers to investment. Now that access to foreign stocks has become easy and cheap, the biggest limitation is the lack of knowledge and experience in foreign markets. However, the great results of American or global equities are starting to encourage Polish investors to diversify their portfolios internationally, thus helping to reduce the risk," said eToro analyst Paweł Majtkowski.

When it comes to international assets, cryptocurrencies are the most frequently chosen asset class among the respondents (37%). He bets 24% on goods and 22% on currencies. 17% invest in stocks. The other international asset classes most often chosen by respondents are: bonds (15%), mutual funds (11%) and ETFs (8%).

A third of respondents do not know if they will change their investment levels in the next 12 months, but 26% plan to increase them. 24% will keep the level of foreign investment at the same level, and 18% will reduce it, completed.

eToro conducted a survey on the relations of Polish investors in relation to investing in international assets on October 26, 2021. Of the nearly 900 respondents, 36% were men and 64% were women. The survey covered the entire country.

Source: eToro and ISBnews