Feasibility study for high speed railway connection to Dresden nearly complete

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-08-03   09:48

Preparatory works for the construction of a high-speed rail connection between Prague and Dresden are continuing and the results of a feasibility study could be approved by September by the Ministry of Transportation. Negotiations with the representatives of local governments are being carried out in connection with negotiations over the route of the new railway. "It will be on the basis of their opinions that it will be possible to continue with further preparations for individual phases of the project documentation preparations of the construction of the chosen route," said the spokeswoman of railway authority SZ Nela Friebova. She said that the section between Prague and Lovosice could be ready by 2030. The section that includes a 26 kilometer tunnel through the mountains between Germany and the Czech Republic could be operational by 2035. It's being prepared in cooperation with Germany.