Jury Committee for CIJ Awards Gala Romania 2021

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2021-11-15   16:10
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CIJ Europe has published the list of Jury Committee this year at CIJ Awards Gala Romania.

The judges formula this year at CIJ Awards Gala brings together key property professionals in Romania, known business leaders from the top companies active in the property sector whose experience is varied enough to ensure a healthy mix of considered viewpoints which will lead to an objective list of winners. Check out the list below in order to see the jury committee for CIJ Awards Gala 2021.

Jury Committee Members 2021
Ana Dumitrache|Country Head |CTP Romania CTP
Adrian Duma |Managing Director | Coral Construct
Anca Simionescu |Country Manager |Lion's Head
Andrei Jerca |Managing Director |Element Industrial
Andrei Sarbu |CEO |SVN Romania
Bogdan Doicescu |Development Director |Bog’Art
Claudiu Bisnel |Managing Director |Brisk Group
Codrin Matei |Managing Partner |Crosspoint Real Estate
Costin Nistor |Managing Director |Fortim Trusted Advisors
Daniel Tudor |CEO & Founder |The Concept Group
Didier Balcaen |General Manager |Speedwell
Eduard Uzunov |CEO |Regatta
Fulga Dinu |Country Manager Operations |Immofinanz
Gabriel Biris |Founder |Biris Goran
Geo Margescu |Founder & CEO |Forte Partners
Ioana Niculeasa |Head of Real Estate |NNDKP
Ioana Roman |Head of Real Estate |Filip & Company
Iuliana Belgun |Business Development Manager |Optim Project Management
Jeroen Biermans |Managing Director |WDP
Leo Forstner |Managing Director Sky Tower |RPHI
Marian Roman |Managing Director |CA Immo
Mihai Paduroiu |CEO Office Division One |United Properties
Razvan Iorgu |Managing Director |CBRE
Sorin Ioan Blaga |Chief Executive Officer | Liebrecht & wooD Romania S.R.L.
Sorin Dumitrascu |Country Manager |Atenor
Stefan Vayna |Managing Director |Masterbuild
Yitzhak Hagag |Co-founder & Shareholder |Hagag Development Europe

Online voting will commence from the 22nd November and CIJ readers will receive a link allowing them to access this year’s awards voting ballot and vote.

The 14th edition CIJ Awards Gala Romania will take place on 7th February 2022.

CIJ Awards Gala 2021 confirmed Partners are: CTP, Radox, Hagag Development Europe, Forte Partners, Atenor, Element Development, Regatta, Immofinanz, Speedwell, Blue Projects, AFI Europe, Crosspoint Real Estate, Biris Goran, WDP, Coral Construct, Elco Heating Solutions, Fortim Trusted Advisors, Bog’Art, Alumil, Decor Floor, CA Immo, Reynaers Aluminium, COS, One United Properties, AON, Lion’s Head, THETA Furniture & More, Optim Project Management, Sky Tower, SVN Romania, Brisk Group, Liziera de Lac, The Concept Group, Alesonor.