Kraska: We purchased 110 million vaccines, we have imported approx. 80 million

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-17   23:17

The Polish government has purchased a total of 110 million COVID-19 vaccines, so far about 80 million have been imported, Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska said. So far, over 20.17 million people have been fully vaccinated, i.e. 53% of the population.

"We have purchased a total of 110 million vaccines, at the moment we have already imported 80 million," said Kraska in the Sejm, answering questions from MPs about the preparation of the health care system for the fourth wave of conoronavirus.

He reported that 53% of the population are vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine.

At the same time, hospitals for COVID-19 patients are being prepared. Currently, there are 20.7 thousand in hospital beds for COVID-19 patients, including nearly 2,000 beds intensive care beds.

"We want this base to be systematically enlarged, so as not to create large buffers," emphasized Kraska.

He said that at present - apart from hospitals in the health care system - 20 temporary hospitals are active, five more are equipped with equipment and will start to function if medical personnel are sent there. Today it is planned to open a temporary hospital in Wrocław, and next week - in Warsaw at the National Stadium.

By the end of November, the bed base for COVID-19 patients in hospitals is expected to reach 26,000. beds, and by the end of December - 31 thousand.

Kraska also informed that the supplementary dose was taken by 303.6 thousand. people with naturally reduced immunity. Vaccination of the so-called booster dose in people over 18 years of age.

Source: ISBnews