MFPR: The value of EU co-financing contracts increased to PLN 331.4 billion

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-23   09:55

The value of investments that received funding from the European Union (EU) until November 21 this year. amounted to PLN 544.5 billion, the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy (MFPR) reported. According to the contracts signed until that date, the amount of co-financing in the EU amounted to PLN 331.4 billion.

By November 21, 2021, 95,620 contracts for project co-financing were signed with beneficiaries. The total value of these investments is PLN 544.5 billion. The share of EU funds in this amount is PLN 331.4 billion, i.e. 92.5% of the entire available allocation of EU funds, it was announced.

According to the data generated from the SL2014 ICT system, from the launch of the programs to November 21, 2021, 191,634 applications for project co-financing for a total amount of PLN 889 billion were submitted. The value of the EU co-financing in the applications for co-financing amounted to PLN 552.2 billion, i.e. 154.2% of the funds for the years 2014-2020.

The value of the total expenditure of the beneficiaries settled at the national level amounted to PLN 327.5 billion, including the EU funding of PLN 214.5 billion, which constitutes 59.9% of the allocation.

Source: MFPR and ISBnews