More than 50 architects have signed up to help the communities affected by the tornado

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-13   09:26

After a week of operation, over 50 architects signed up to help the communities affected by the June tornado in the Hodonín and Břeclav regions on websites acquired by the Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA). The Chamber offers the affected municipalities and their inhabitants assistance with the elaboration of projects for the reconstruction of damaged houses or the construction of new houses instead of demolished ones. Offers of free or discounted architectural consultancy and at the same time demand for it are on the website according to Chamber spokeswoman Tereza Zemanová.

"We are pleasantly surprised by the level of willingness of our members to help, and we are also happy that the website seems to be fulfilling its function. It is intended as a platform for connecting helpers and those who need this help. The role of ČKA is administrative and coordinating. we are going to follow the development and especially specific stories," said Zemanová.

According to her, the chamber is also planning long-term assistance. "Affected municipalities will probably need to re-address urban planning, for example, and that is why we are currently addressing other options," Zemanová said.

The Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction (ČKAIT) also called on its members to assist in the assessment of damaged buildings. As she said today, more than a hundred authorized structural engineers have signed up so far. According to ČKAIT estimates, several hundred designers will be needed to prepare for the renovation of 1,200 partially or completely damaged buildings.

"We greatly appreciate the commitment and skills of carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers or roofers who repaired damaged houses. However, we also draw attention to the necessary presence of engineers and technicians authorized in the field of civil engineering and other fields who are authorized to offer the services of designer, construction manager, This is partly because, without their qualified entry, homeowners do not have to obtain state support from the Živel program," added Robert Špalek, Chairman of ČKAIT.

People affected by the storm can get financial help from the Živel program from the state. Applications are accepted by the State Investment Support Fund. Residents can receive a subsidy of up to two million crowns and another three million in the form of a soft loan with one percent interest.

A tornado swept through Hodonín and Břeclav on June 24. It was the second strongest tornado in the category with wind speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour. It killed six people and destroyed about 1,200 houses. People in Need estimates that the storm has hit some 1,600 households in the area. There are about 185 houses designated for demolition in the locality.

Source: CTK