Prague is planning a reconstruction of a home for the elderly in Bohnice

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-09   10:05

The Prague City Hall will announce a tender for the reconstruction of two of the four pavilions of the New Sunflower home for the elderly in Bohnice. City councilors decided on that today. The expected value of the contract is CZK 290.4 million, work should start next year and end in 2024. Prague operates 13 homes for the elderly.

According to the approved document, the area of ​​the home was built in the early 1980s, and in addition to the poor technical condition, the layout and hygienic standards need to be improved. "The basis of the new layout is a double room, which consists of a common hall, two single rooms with their own wheelchair-accessible bathroom.

In addition, the work will include the reconstruction of insulation and wiring, insulation of facades, replacement and insulation of the roof, demolition of unsuitable greenhouses in the area and modification of fencing and sidewalks. In both pavilions, there should be eight double cells on the first three floors and ten single rooms on the fourth, complete with a common hall and terrace.

Councilor Milena Johnová (Prague Sobě) said that the contract will still be approved by the deputies. "When the reconstruction of the first two pavilions is completed, the reconstruction of the other two will begin. It needs to be combined with the operation, so there is already a reduced capacity in order to start the reconstruction," she explained.

The Prague City Hall operates 13 homes for the elderly as a contributory organization, and also sets up facilities for people with disabilities or children's homes.

Source: CTK