Real estate tax to go up by 3.9%

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-09-11   10:27

From 2021 property tax is expected to go up by 3.9%, and every property owner, from a house to even a garage, has to pay this fee to the state. This year, inflation increased by 3.9% and that is why the tax office decided that the tax would also increase by this amount. In 2021, the taxes will be as follows: residential buildings - PLN 0.85 per meter of usable space; land related to running a business - 0.99 per m2; buildings related to running a business up to PLN 24.84 per m2; buildings used to provide health services PLN 5.06 per m2. The amounts mentioned are maximum, which means that the municipalities that charge the tax cannot exceed it.