ROCA Investments takes over Sarcom, producers of paints and varnishes in Romania

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-10-19   15:40

ROCA Investments, part of Impetum Group, announces the signing of the sale-purchase contract for the full takeover of Sarcom, one of the largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Romania. Sarcom Vâlcea, the producer of the Sticky and Coral paint brands, is one of the largest players in the local paint and varnish production industry, with a history of almost 30 years. The company produces and sells its own products under the two brands in 31 counties in Romania, being present both on the low and affordable prices market segment, and in the premium area. Sarcom has recorded in 2020 a turnover of RON 56.9 million.

"ROCA's mission is to amplify the potential and accelerate the growth of Romanian companies and brands, so that the dream of many Romanian entrepreneurs becomes a reality. Since the beginning of this year, we have noticed a real need at the entrepreneurial level. The generation of the first Romanian entrepreneurs after 1989, who have built solid Romanian brands, with an excellent reputation, is approaching retirement age. Many of them have not secured the succession process, and in the current context an exit to a strategic investor is very difficult. For this reason, we have adapted the ROCA product to such a need, in order to preserve value and carry on business traditions. We are responsible for this legacy of being the successors of such a generation of entrepreneurs,” said Rudi Vizental, CEO of ROCA Investments.