Seaside project by APA Wojciechowski Architects for Sono Development obtained a building permit

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-08-31   09:07
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Primo Baltic, designed by APA Wojciechowski Architects for Sono Development, has received a building permit. It is an elegant apartment building, located in the immediate vicinity of the beach in Darłówek, a part of Darłowo located by the Baltic Sea. The investment with a usable area of approximately 2,000 sqm will provide 45 luxury apartments and numerous amenities for its future residents.

The three-storey building is planned in the shape of the letter "L", separating an internal, landscaped courtyard with a swimming pool accessible only to residents. The modern glass shape of the building will allow the apartments to be fully sunlit at any time of the day. An important element of Primo Baltic will be the roofline giving it a seaside character. The project also includes the construction of an underground garage.

The modern, timeless architecture of the building will attract the eyes of not only sunbathers, but also connoisseurs of original investments: interiors with a breathtaking and uninterrupted view of the sea, large sunny terraces, a swimming pool and beautiful greenery in the courtyard, combined with the intimate nature of Primo Baltic will create unique conditions for relaxation and life.

The interiors of the planned investment are in a Scandinavian style, elegant and minimalistic. The architects focused primarily on lightness and naturalism. Elements of ecological and natural decor will be used. The apartments will be spacious and functional.

"Primo Baltic is an apartment building designed in accordance with the latest trends, located in a place with a unique atmosphere, right next to the seaside promenade. Its rooms will offer a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. Large windows, balconies and terraces will allow its residents to fully experience the seaside atmosphere, admire the picturesque sunrises and sunsets. It is an investment open to the future, which will also provide high comfort to people who decide to move their home office to Darłówek. We are glad that together with Sono Development we can co-create another remarkable investment located in a unique place," Szymon Wojciechowski, President of the Management Board, Co-owner, Architect-Partner at APA Wojciechowski Architects.

"We want Primo Baltic to be not only a luxurious place for relaxation and and excellent capital investment for our clients, but also a showcase of our company. Thanks to the cooperation with APA Wojciechowski Architects, we managed to implement this assumption at the design stage, now we are focusing all our efforts to make the execution phase equally successful. Experience and knowledge of the construction industry will certainly help us in this,” said Nazim Albayrak, President of the Management Board of Sono Developement.