Supply chain problems cause production delays at Skoda Auto

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-07-28   08:17

Parking lots at the Mlada Boleslav Skoda Auto factory are filling up with unfinished Octavia cars, writes the daily Hopodarske noviny. In the last week alone, 2,500 were added to this worrying collection that has grown to 4,000 in total. The problem is disruptions to the automobile manufacturer's supply chain. In some case, writes HN, parts aren't showing up at all, while in others, they're defective in some way and fail to pass quality control tests. One of the most obvious problems, for example, is that Skoda is receiving doors that don't close properly. It's tried to deal with the situation by having employees work overtime to fix the problems, but the overall number of uncompleted vehicles has continued to grow. The problem isn't going to go away in the next two weeks however, because the entire company has been shut down for a planned summer vacation that's used for critical maintenance issues and the installation of new production robots.