Teleworking and IT investment in offices gain strength after Covid

by   CIJ News iDesk VII
2020-08-04   15:57

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way major office tenants plan for and use their space. Big tenants are prioritizing investments that will allow their employees to work remotely when needed. But they're also planning to have employees work away from the office more frequently in general. These are some of the results of the 'EMEA Occupier Flash Survey' carried out by CBRE. Around 86% of those surveyed confirmed implementing remote working measures regionwide, while 96 percent of companies in Spain have already done so.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, 83% of EMEA occupants intended to increase future investment in real estate technology, while 91% expected those investments to include virtual and augmented reality. However, just 21% were willing to pay a premium rent of more than 20% for technologically adapted smart buildings. Nearly half (46%) of respondents expect a decrease in the density of occupation of workspaces will be one of the outcomes of the pandemic crisis.