White Star Real Estate will implement biophilic design at The Park Kraków

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-24   07:59

The A-class office park under construction in Kraków's Podgórze district reveals other advantages that will distinguish itself on the market of innovative office spaces. The Park Kraków was designed in accordance with the principles of biophilic design, which, as confirmed by research, supports productivity, creativity and affects the well-being of people working in such an environment. The developer's ambition is to make the project a unique workplace and an important, recognizable point on the map of Podgórze in Krakow. The complex is also to be lively in the evenings and at weekends.

Biophilic design is a comprehensive approach to design that uses the potential of nature - vegetation, light, water and air. It also allows to restore nature to the human environment on many levels. In The Park Kraków, min. space between buildings with car traffic, creating zones where you can rest and relax surrounded by greenery.

“When designing The Park Kraków, our goal was to make the space we give tenants not only innovative, but also focused on human needs. The biophilic design strategy allows for the implementation of these goals comprehensively, both in terms of the immediate surroundings of the buildings and interior design, as well as the use of air and water to increase the comfort of people staying in our Park,” says Bartosz Prytuła, Managing partner from White Star Real Estate.

The Park Kraków complex is being built with the use of ecological, certified materials. The building is intended not only to provide the greatest possible comfort for employees, but also to optimize the consumption of utilities. The building will house a BMS (Building Management System), lifts with regenerative drive and LED lighting. A water leakage detection system will also be used, as well as economical fittings, and the recovered rainwater will be used for watering the greenery.

“In addition to innovative and energy-saving solutions, the office space will be characterized by excellent access to daylight, and the entire space - its optimization and organization is to be focused on people. The ecological potential of the building, apart from the vegetation itself, will also be confirmed by the BREEAM certificate,” adds Bartosz Prytuła, Managing Partner from White Star Real Estate.

Krakowskie Podgórze is not only the largest of the historic districts of Krakow, but also the greenest part of the city. Just 600 meters from the office complex, there is also the Bagry Lagoon, and in the immediate vicinity of the new investment there is also an extensive network of bicycle and recreational paths. With people coming to work on two-wheeled vehicles in mind, the Park Kraków will have a zone for cyclists with changing rooms, showers and bicycle stands.

The facilities built as part of The Park Kraków will be equipped with an intelligent parking system and charging stations for electric cars. The well-being of employees will be ensured by an innovative ventilation system equipped with UV lamps, thanks to which the air in both the office space and the underground car park will be 99.9% free of pollution. Surrounded by trees, flowers and shrubs between the buildings, there will also be small architecture elements made of natural materials - wood and stone, but also houses for hedgehogs and birds, and appropriate infrastructure for insects. Green areas will occupy a total of 3 hectares.

According to the research results contained in the Human Spaces: The Global Impact of Biophilic Design (BD) in the workspace report, employees who have access to natural elements in the office were 15 percent. more creative, and their productivity was 6 percent. higher than people working in traditional offices. On the other hand, research conducted by the University of Exeter shows that people who work in green areas are 15% more efficient, creative and motivated than those who are without vegetation in their surroundings.