From August, there will be 7,000 people outside and 3,000 indoors events in Czechia

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-27   08:59

From Sunday, August 1, it will be possible to hold up to 7,000 people outdoors and 3,000 people indoors at a sports and cultural event with a coronavirus test, after covid-19 in the last 180 days or with vaccinations. However, the capacity of the venue will be able to be fully utilized, but above the mentioned limits it will be possible to supplement it only by people after covid or with a vaccine. The changes at the press conference after yesterday's meeting of the government were announced by the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES). The government has approved more lenient rules for swimming pools and exhibitions from also August 1.

For example, for matches of the first and second football leagues, the number of spectators allowed in stadiums has increased since the new season. Those with a capacity of up to 5,000 seats can be fully occupied. A maximum of 5,000 fans, stadiums for 10,000 fans and more can be occupied by up to half of the clubs in the auditoriums with a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000, while keeping the spacing of at least one seat.

From the beginning of August, people in dance companies will also be able to dance to demonstrate infectivity. "We will allow people who are vaccinated to dance, or within 180 days of having the disease (covid-19), or to prove a test that is not older than 24 hours," the minister said.

Although, among other things, the discos could have opened about two months ago, they were not allowed to dance in them according to the Ministry's measures. According to Vojtěch, this was logical from an epidemic point of view. The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has previously ruled that it is not permissible to prohibit the activities of companies by the Ministry setting conditions under which the operation cannot operate.

According to Minister Adam Vojtěch (for YES), there will be no limited capacity in swimming pools and swimming pools from 1 August. Now operators could fill it to 75 percent. Exhibition and other similar indoor spaces will be able to choose whether to comply with the visitor limit per square meter, which has been valid so far, or to use 75 percent of the capacity. During organized tours of castles or zoos for up to 20 people, it will not be necessary to confirm infectivity. Vojtech said this yesterday day at a press conference after the government meeting. Only people who have been vaccinated, have suffered from covid-19 disease in the last 180 days or have been tested by antigen or PCR test will continue to have access to swimming pools and swimming pools.

Indoor exhibitions currently have a limit of one visitor per ten square meters. This limit will be maintained, but the operator will be able to choose whether it is not more advantageous for him to fill the capacity to 75 percent. The government adjusted the measures on the basis that the epidemic situation is stagnant, and to some extent it may be improving. "We do not observe any major negative aspects, be it the number of positive cases or the number of hospitalizations," said Vojtěch.

Source: CTK