Vasile Didilă is preparing a real estate project in the north of Bucharest

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-06-29   10:32

Software ITC SA, a company owned by businessman Vasile Didilă, is preparing the ground for a real estate project across the road of the tallest building in Bucharest.

On the agenda is the approval of signing an exchange contract with Voluthema Property, owned by SIF Muntenia. Didilă wants to take over the part of SIF Muntenia from the capital of the company that owns the land of the Institute for Computing Technology across the road of Promenada Mall.

The object of the exchange contract is a land of 5,849 sqm. In this exchange, the company owned by Vasile Didilă will undertake to transfer to Voluthema 700 sqm built (located on the fourth floor) and 10 parking lots as an integral part of the real estate complex to be developed on the land, according to the company announcement.