Small industrial zone could be created near Pardubice airport

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-05-25   13:47

Pardubice is negotiating with the Pardubice City Foundation to sell city land in Popkovice near the international airport. The foundation already owns most of the land and wants to create a smaller industrial zone of several hectares, where light manufacturing could be located according to the zoning plan, ODS councillor Dušan Stránský told reporters today. An investor is interested in building on the site and plans to build a VIP aircraft repair facility there.

"It raises concerns of local residents. On the other hand, the further expansion of the current large industrial zone in Staré Čívice runs up against noise limits," Stránský said. According to earlier considerations, it would be possible to build a back gate to the airport, which would allow cargo for planes to be loaded there without trucks having to pass through the local Popkovice district.

Stránský pointed out that the foundation wanted to cover part of the purchase price by transferring shares in the Pardubická plavvební company, which owns the cruise liner Arnošt z Pardubic, to the town. According to ODS, this is problematic because the share price has changed in recent years.

The airline AeroPartner is interested in 5,000 square metres at the airport, which it would lease on a long-term basis. It wants to build a hangar there to repair VIP aircraft. The cost is estimated at around half a billion crowns.

Source: CTK