Austria abolishes exemptions for commuters

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-02-02   10:58

Commuters commuting to Austria will in future, as well as others arriving, be required to register and will also have to submit a negative PCR test for coronavirus once a week. According to the APA, the Austrian Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer said at a press conference.

Vienna announced on Monday the gradual relaxation of measures against the spread of coronavirus, but also announced that the border regime would be tightened.

According to Nehammer, commuters will also have to register before arriving in Austria and must prove themselves once a week with a negative PCR test. The introduction of a testing obligation for commuters is not a surprise, it was originally supposed to apply from Monday. However, the Austrian government has only confirmed the introduction of the measures today. Commuters traveling to Austria will be subject to the testing and registration obligation for the first time.

Nehammer also said that border controls remain with neighboring states, including the Czech Republic. In this context, the Minister pointed out that the Czech Republic still has high numbers of newly infected. Border checks with Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia will also continue.

Details on the implementation of border controls are to be set out in a regulation that Nehammer says the Ministry of Health is currently working on.

At the same time, the Austrian government has tightened travel conditions. For example, people will no longer be able to get out of the mandatory ten-day quarantine after arriving in Austria with a new negative PCR test. So far, this has been possible after five days.

Source: CTK