CEDES 2022: Full-House for "Paradigm change in the office building segment"

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-05-31   12:54
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How will the strategy of long-term players in the office building market change? What are new options in the retail, residential or logistics segment? Are some types of office development still interesting despite the expected changes? CEDES Panel 4 addressed these issues and opened up more than expected, with some good insight throughout the 60 minute panel in the presence of a full-house audience!

CEDES Panel 4:
Paradigm change in the office building segment
Petr Kysela - Managing Director - Atrios Real Estate (Moderator)
Ján Bryndza - Business Director - Alto Real Estate
Viktor Ondrášek - Development Director - HB Reavis
Samuel Šporka - Head of Office Agency - JLL

CEDES Conference will be present in the Q2 2022 issue of CIJ EUROPE.

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