CEDES Conference Slovakia 2023 - Office/Mixed-use

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-05-23   10:21
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The important of todays office is undetermined with many factors and views at present, here are some of the questions being discussed at todays CEDES Conference Slovakia. The extent to which urban regeneration can be a strategy in real estate and for the cities. How a project of this kind can impact the economic and social development of a city. What will the role of sustainability and ESG become. How the office market overcame problems the pandemic caused, and what is new now. Zero pipeline in office for 2024 (only in case The Mill project would be a slightly delayed) and massive switch in pipeline from office to residential
Significant reduction in footprint of office tenants. On the other hand, tenants are looking for top class projects, while headline rent is less important and has much lower portion on total costs of company

Office Panel: Mixed-use development demand and fundamentals in a new economy real estate market

Michal Hosko - Director Occupier Services - Colliers Slovakia
Martin Sobota - Partner - CITYFÖRSTER
Jeroen Dirckx - Partner - KCAP
Dagmar Yoder - Local Partner - Attorney - Deloitte Legal
Martin Marko - Commercial Director - IMMOCAP

Full coverage will be available in the next issue of CIJ EUROPE.