Changes in Galeria Twierdza Zamość - new tenants and modernisations

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-07   11:47
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Galeria Twierdza Zamość, managed by EPP, has refreshed its offer and interiors. The centre's offer was strengthened by five new brands, while the facility's long-standing tenants, including brands belonging to the LPP Group, extended their contracts and increased their leased space. The total area covered by all leases concluded in 2023 is more than 3,300 sqm. In addition, the restaurant area has been modernised with the participation of local artists and artisans, and prams, baby carriers or SOS kits for neurodiverse customers with different needs have been made available. An area with self-service lockers for outerwear and shopping was also created.

"For Galeria Twierdza Zamość, 2023 was a time of expanding the offer and modernisation at the facility. This period saw the debuts of new brands in the clothing segment, such as Monnari and UNISONO, and the expansion of cooperation with our long-standing tenants from the LPP Group and OCHNIK. In addition, we revitalised the restaurant area to accommodate more people and make it more visually attractive for visitors. Inviting artists from Zamość to work with us gave our food court a more local character. We can already see that the changes introduced and the launch of the retail park within the complex in autumn 2022 have strengthened the centre's position on the market and its performance," comments Jakub Ociepka, Asset Manager at EPP.

Five new brands opened stores in the facility last year. The women's fashion segment was strengthened by, among others, Vestiti Boutique, a brand offering styling for all occasions, Monnari with a wide range of clothes to express individual style or UNISONO with an offer for customers who value comfort and casual elegance in everyday styling. In addition, OCHNIK, a long-standing tenant of Galeria Twierdza Zamość, has relocated and enlarged its showroom, where in a spacious interior it will offer customers an even wider assortment, including suitcases, women's and men's clothing and leather goods. In 2023, the ITAKA travel agency has also joined the group of tenants.

In the past year, the brands Cropp, House and MOHITO extended their contracts and moved to larger spaces. The refurbished premises are distinguished by their modern design, which enhances the shopping experience for customers. In addition, Reserved extended its lease agreement at Galeria Twierdza Zamość for another five years.

Thanks to the revitalisation of the food court, customers of the Zamość shopping centre have gained a new space that serves both a social and restaurant function. A refreshed bookcrossing area and space for larger groups means that it can now serve as a base for meetings, book exchanges or teamwork. This will be aided by increased seating and the introduction of modern amenities such as smartphone charging sockets. The visual transformation of the restaurant area has been enhanced by the introduction of coloured lighting and the addition of murals, created by local street art group Euforya from Stforky Ferajna. It is worth noting that, in line with the idea of zero waste, previously used furniture in the centre was used to furnish the refreshed food court. They were refurbished and reused, and new ones were ordered from local entrepreneurs.

In addition, as part of increasing the accessibility of the facility for groups with different needs, customers of Galeria Twierdza Zamość can borrow an S.O.S kit for people on the autism spectrum, use a pram or baby carrier for free, and use an electric vehicle charging station.

Galeria Twierdza Zamość is almost 28,000 sq.m of retail space. The family centre with an entertainment component houses more than 90 shops of popular brands including H&M, Reserved, New Yorker, Deichmann, CCC, Douglas, Smyk, 5.10.15, Empik, Sizeer, Martes Sport, Rossmann, home&you and many others. It also houses the region's largest electronics shop MediaMarkt. Customers can also shop at the Intermarché grocery store.

In November 2022, Galeria Twierdza Zamość's offer was extended by a retail park. In the facility adjacent to the shopping centre, customers will find Action, KiK, JYSK and Sinsay shops.