CPK: 11 companies are interested in designing railroads to the airport

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-03-24   09:12

The company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) begins preliminary market consultations, preceding the announcement of large tenders for design documentation for the construction of railway "spokes" leading to the airport. 11 companies are interested in design work for the CPK. The CPK estimates that the unprecedented scale of the target framework agreement "is a treat for design companies".

"Initial market consultations (WKR) is the first step to a large framework agreement for environmental, location and design documentation for the so-called spokes, i.e. CPK railway lines. The purpose of WKR will be, among others, to refine - together with design companies - the rules and procedures for selecting contractors , defining the scope of orders, identifying factors influencing the quality and price of future offers, estimating the budget, as well as defining the rules of future cooperation "- CPK reported.

Until yesterday, bidders could submit requests to participate in consultations. 11 contractors have applied: EKKOM; Databout; IDOM Engineering, Architecture and Consulting; Systra; Schuessler-Plan of Engineers; Consortium Torprojekt, Fehlings Krug Polska, INFRA -Centrum Doradztwa i Infrares; Multiconsult; Thales Polska; Transprojekt Gdański; MGGP; Siemens Mobility.

"It is these companies - if they pass the qualification procedure - that will have an impact on the future framework agreement, for which the company will announce a separate procedure in the coming weeks. Due to its unprecedented scale, this final framework agreement may be a treat for design companies" - underlines CPK.

It will concern a number of preparatory and design activities for the construction of new STTH railway lines. Its scope will include environmental documentation (including environmental impact reports together with applications for obtaining environmental decisions), design and construction documentation (program and spatial concepts, functional and utility programs, construction designs, detailed designs, documentation for the application for a permit for construction), as well as author's supervision during implementation.

The procedure concerns 30 CTH investment tasks, incl. the so-called igreka, i.e. the high-speed section Warsaw - STH - Łódź - Wrocław (along with the connector towards Poznań), CMK Północ, i.e. the extension of the Central Railway Main Line via STH towards Płock, Włocławek and the Tri-City, the new Katowice - Kraków line, as well as e.g. episodes: Ostrołęka - Łomża - Giżycko; Katowice - Jastrzębie-Zdrój - Ostrava; Łętownia - Rzeszów and Trawniki - Krasnystaw - Zamość. In total, it is almost 1,800 km of new lines, which are to be built in various stages by the end of 2034, reminds us of the CPK.

The WKR procedure was introduced by an amendment to the public procurement law, which entered into force on January 1 this year. Market consultation replaced the technical dialogue from the previous version of the regulations. When selecting contractors for the framework agreement, the CPK company will only evaluate the quality criteria. Price offers will be taken into account only during executive orders addressed to contractors with whom a framework agreement will be concluded.

The STH investment program provides for the construction of almost 1,800 km of new high-speed railway lines leading from 10 directions to STH and Warsaw. They will allow access to STH from most cities in Poland within 2.5 hours. In the first stage, which should be ready before the completion of the construction of the Solidarity Port in 2027, section Warsaw - CPK - Łódź - Wrocław - border with the Czech Republic, as well as Ostrołęka - Łomża, Łętownia - Rzeszów and Trawniki - Zamość, for which environmental inventories have been underway since last year, and advanced tenders for STEŚ are underway, i.e. technical and economic studies environmental.

The Central Communication Port is a planned transfer junction between Warsaw and Łódź, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of this project, the Solidarność Airport will be built 37 km west of Warsaw, on an area of ​​approximately 3,000 hectares, which in the first stage will be able to handle 45 million passengers per year. CPK is 100% owned by the State Treasury.

Source: ISBnews