Czech automobile production slipped more than 20% in November

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-12-18   08:35

Automobile production in the Czech Republic showed signs of growth in October, but official figures indicate that it fell more than 20 percent in November. In all, the number of vehicles completed by the end of November fell 21.2 percent to 1.054 million, a result so low it hasn't been seen since 2013. Of the total Skoda Auto produced 690,380 of the cars, which represented a drop of 18.4 percent. Hyundai fared still worse, dropping 25.8 percent to a mere 215,851 cars while TPCA's production was 26.4 percent off the pace at 147,865 cars. "The autumn wave of the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately had a profound impact on the Czech automobile industry's output," said Zdenek Petzl, executive director of the Automobile Industry Association. "It caused the repeated closing of dealerships and a decline in demand for new cars in the Czech Republic and in EU countries."