Czech shopping restrictions could increase infection risk

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-16   08:13

Irreparable damage could take place if shopping centers aren't allowed to open before the end of November, warn sector experts. But stores owners are criticizing regulations that would allow just 1 person per 15 square meters to enter during the first phase of loosening. The system will mean that up to 30 percent of shoppers will have to be turned away and that many will spend long periods in lines in front of their chosen store. The result, warns Tomas Prouza of the Union of Retail and Tourism, will be people walking around a great deal more in search of the shortest lines. Jan Kubicek, head of the Association of Shopping Centers, agrees that the rule makes no sense. "Regardless of the high expenses, it will cause needless stress among shoppers and to their senseless congregation in areas other than those where we can secure a safe environment." He recommended easing the restriction to just 10 square meters, which has been employed in Germany. Kubicek added that studies have shown that people are shopping more "anonymously" these days and that shopping centers have not been shown to be a source of infection.