Czech ski resorts are in danger of bankruptcy

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-01-05   10:56

Without accelerated opening of ski resorts and setting adequate compensation, many ski resorts will go bankrupt, according to operators. However, the areas are key to the functioning of mountain resorts, which employ 45,000 mostly local residents and brought about 12.6 billion crowns a year into public budgets. In a call to the government, according to ČTK, the operators of ski resorts and other organizations covering tourism and sport stated this on Monday. The government has authorized the operation of ski resorts since December 18. However, due to the bad epidemiological situation, the downhill runs had to be closed to the public again from 27 December. The ban is still valid until January 10. Nevertheless, many people go bobsledding or sledding on closed slopes every day. "It is necessary to stop the chaos that has prevailed in the ski resorts in recent days, when the number of visitors is enormous, even though the slopes are closed for skiing purposes. The behavior of visitors is risky, they cause damage to property, "said associations and unions. They are proposing to reopen the centers, ideally from 9 January. According to them, this would allow operators to bring rules and order to the ski resorts.