Czechs building field hospital on edge of Prague to deal with Covid-19 patients

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-10-19   09:19

The Czech army has been called in to build a new hospital on the unused fairgrounds in Prague – Letnany. Soldiers began preparatory work for the 500 bed facility that's expected to begin taking in patients with Covid-19, assuming predictions that the city could run out of beds by the end of the month are accurate. A convoy of five trucks arrived on site on Sunday morning, but the main work is expected to get underway during the day on Monday. The 500 bed capacity will include 10 beds equipped to act as an ICU unit for patients in critical condition. The catastrophic failure of the country to handle the second wave of the pandemic that's now sweeping Europe has become obvious over the past month, as the number of hospitalized patients is doubling every two weeks. Over 11,000 new cases were discovered last Friday on the basis of 38,000 tests. The Czech government downplayed the ongoing danger of infection over the summer and there's been resistance to the renewal of restrictive measures.