DoDo offering Czech malls home delivery

by   CIJ Linguistics
2020-11-16   08:05

The courier company DoDo is working on developing home delivery service for stores in shopping centers in case pandemic-related restrictions prevent them opening up in time for Christmas. While it's in part a reaction to the crisis, according to the daily E15, it's also a potential way shopping centers could expand their range of customers. "We're holding various negotiations on providing door-to-door logistics for some shopping centers that allow them to deliver their goods easily directly to the homes of their customers," says DoDo boss Michal Mensik. But the marketing director of the Palladium shopping center in Prague Karolina Peterkova says it will take time to create a system in which customers could order things from a few different stores and have them arrive in a single delivery. "In the future it's possible that the market will develop in this way," she said. "But it's a demanding process that will require integrating the sales and storage systems of individual tenants and logistics centers will have to be created." Freeport Fashion Outlet near Znojma has begun offering 'Click and order' service in which customers can order goods online and pick them up at a single window at the mall. So far, however, just Guess and Calvin Klein have signed up to enable this sales format.