Echo Investment to build over 100 apartments in the 2nd phase ENTER in Poznan

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-10-14   14:45
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Echo Investment will build over 100 apartments in the second phase of the ENTER estate in Poznań. The buildings will be built with the use of ready-made structural elements, the so-called prefabricated elements that are produced under controlled conditions in the factory. As a result, they are manufactured according to the highest quality standards to meet the increased requirements in terms of thermal conditions and acoustic insulation in apartments. Such elements can be assembled at the construction site in all conditions, even in winter at temperatures below zero, which guarantees the continuity of works. An additional advantage of prefabrication is the possibility of designing a modern interior design in a loft atmosphere by using concrete. The developer will hand over the keys to customers at the end of 2021.