Electric night in Bratislava at the CIJ Awards Slovakia 2021 - Full list of winner

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-11-19   11:33
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An electric night in Bratislava as the winners where announced at the annual CIJ Awards Slovakia 2021. The big winner of the night was Go Asset Development, who told 3 awards home for Best New Tenant Lease Transaction for a 50,000sqm lease to Ingram Micro, Best Warehouse/Industrial Development for Log Center R7 and Grand Prix for Log Center R7, the first logistics project to win in this category. Wood and Co. also took home Best Investment Transaction of the Year for Aupark shopping centre in Bratislava and Best Asset Management of the Year. Fabrika 48 in Košice by Atrois for Best Co-Social-Working Community (Project) and Best Project Management Company - Atrios Project Management. Best Warehouse Real Estate Agency went to 108 Agency again, which was the CIJ readers popular vote.

Full List of Winners:
Best Residential Development - Kolísky Záhorská Bystrica – ITB Development
Best Office Development - Pradiareň 1900 – YIT Slovakia
Best Retail Development - Nivy Mall – HB Reavis
Best Warehouse/Industrial Development - Log Center R7 – Kostolné Kračany – Go Asset Development
Best Legacy (Redevelopment) Development - Jurkovič Heating Plant – Penta Real Estate
Best Upcoming Development - SKY PARK Tower – Penta Real Estate
Best Investment Transaction - Acquisition of Aupark Bratislava shopping centre – Wood & Co.
Best Land Transaction - Logistický park Záborské - Atrios
Best New Tenant Lease Transaction - Ingram Micro, Log Center Kostolné Kračany – GO ASSET DEVELOPMENT
Best Asset/Property Management - Wood & Co.
Best Project Management Company - Atrios Project Management
Best Law Company - CMS
Best Tax & Financial Advisory - TPA
Best Local Real Estate Agency - Herrys
Best Office & Retail Real Estate Agency - CBRE
Best Warehouse Real Estate Agency - 108 Agency
Best Co-Social-Working Community (Project) - Fabrika 48, Košice – Atrois
Best Interior Design Concept (Project) - BDO – JTRE
Grand Prix - Log Center R7 – Kostolné Kračany – Go Asset Development

The winners of the competition were selected in a two-stage voting process. A selected jury committee of 12 recognised experts from the real estate, investment, architectural and construction industries. In the second stage an online balloting of 1200 votes were cast from CIJ EUROPE readers. The weighting of the jury committee and online CIJ readers votes, represented 61% and 39% of the final result

The winners of each individual categories also advance as nominations for the Best of the Best CIJ HOF Awards in 2022. The Hall of Fame Awards is the climax to the CIJ Awards series, pitting the winning projects and companies from around Central & Eastern Europe against each other to determine who the Best of the Best really are.

About CIJ Awards Slovakia:
The CIJ Awards Slovakia, now in its 17th year, recognises and celebrates projects, transactions, companies, as well as teams that excelled over the past year. Nominations are judged on a multidisciplinary basis.

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This years attendees could only attend by presenting a valid international certificate for full vaccination against COVID-19, with the use of an approved vaccine.