Electric night in Bratislava at the CIJ Awards Slovakia 2023 - Full list of winner

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2023-11-22   16:41
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What a night at the CIJ Awards Slovakia, the cream of real estate came out to enjoy a great evening of networking, awards presentation, live music and great food. In this year’s 19th edition of the competition, over 100 nominations were submitted from the best, most distinguished projects on the market and from top companies and service providers operating in the real estate sector. Understandable residential and warehousing is seeing the largest of the nominations from the development sectors this year, with a good stream coming over the next couple of years..

Full List of Winners:
Best Residential Development of the Year - ZWIRN 1 - YIT
Best Office Development of the Year - The Mill - Immocap
Best Retail, Leisure, Health & Hotel Development of the Year - Bory Hospital - Penta Real Estate
Best Warehouse Development of the Year - Green Park Piešťany – Garba Industrial Real Estate Slovakia
Best Industrial Development of the year - CTPark Trnava - Meta System
Best Residential Upcoming Development of the Year - Eurovea Tower – JTRE
Best Warehouse Upcoming Development of the Year - FEROVOPARK, Vranov - Sisban Slovakia
Best Commercial Property Investment Transaction of the Year - Motor-Car Group portfolio - buyer LCN Capital Partners - CBRE
Best Asset Management Company of the Year - IAD Investments
Best Real Estate Property Fund Manager of the Year - Wood & Company
Best Law Firm of the Year – RELEVANS
Best Tax & Finance Advisor - BDO Slovakia
Best Property Management Company of the Year – MVGM
Best Project Management Company of the Year – ENG2
Best Local Real Estate Agency of the Year – HERRYS
Best Commercial Real Estate Agency of the Year – CBRE
Senior Leadership of the Year - Vladimír Bolek - iAD Investments
Best Overall Developer of the Year – JTRE
Grand Prix - Eurovea City - JTRE

The winners of the competition were selected in a three-stage voting jury committee process. These being a selected jury committee of 20 recognised experts from the real estate, investment, architectural and construction industries.

The winners of each individual categories also advance as nominations for the Best of the Best CIJ HOF (Hall of Fame) Awards in 2024. The Hall of Fame Awards is the climax to the CIJ Awards series, pitting the winning projects and companies from around Central & Eastern Europe against each other to determine who the Best of the Best really are.

A big thank you goes out to our Jury Committee Members this year, the CIJ readers and a fantastic list of the best companies supporting this year’s CIJ Awards Slovakia.

About CIJ Awards Slovakia:
The CIJ Awards Slovakia, now in its 19th year, recognises and celebrates projects, transactions, companies, as well as teams that excelled over the past year. Nominations are judged on a multidisciplinary basis.

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