Free Now recorded over 6 million orders in Poland 2020.

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-01-07   14:30

Free Now had over 6 million orders in Poland in 2020, the platform said. The application is used by 2 million Polish users.

"Despite the challenges in 2020, Free Now has globally achieved its goals in terms of user growth, integration of micro-mobility services and car sharing and rebranding of its sister brand Kapten in France, UK and Portugal. The platform covers 150 cities in Europe and over 250,000 drivers Free Now records nearly 700,000 orders for rides a day The platform has over 6 million orders in Poland The application is already used by 2 million Polish users, making Free Now one of the most popular applications for ordering rides. the Free Now travel option in Poland is Lite and Lite + Screen (a new service with a protective barrier) "- we read in the release.

Free Now is expanding its offer as a multi-platform that offers not only a ride with a driver, but also rental of electric scooters, scooters, bicycles and carsharing. The pilot of these services began last year in Germany, where BOND e-bike rental services, emmy scooters, VOI scooters and MILES carsharing services were integrated.

"Free Now plans to develop further partnerships in 2021 with other micro-mobility service providers, also in Poland" - it was announced.

One of the challenges for passenger transport services during the pandemic has been to provide additional safety measures for users and drivers. Free Now has equipped 38 thousand. drivers in Europe in protective screens separating the passenger from the driver, as well as in disinfectants and masks. Additionally, in 10 countries, Free Now made available a dedicated service for hospital workers, thanks to which they could move at a low cost or for free to work. In Poland, over 6,000 health care workers have used Free Now travel free.

"We Free Now believe that it is our responsibility to support the local community and serve it in difficult times. We are proud that, together with our drivers, we have been able to provide healthcare workers with safe journeys to work. In addition, in several European countries we support our drivers in times of poor health. demand by offering them an alternative source of income such as deliveries from stores or restaurants, "said CEO Marc Berg, quoted in the release.

FreeNow (formerly: mytaxi) was launched in 2009 and is an application that directly connects the passenger with the taxi driver. In total, Free Now's operations cover 17 markets and 150 cities around the world and have 45 million users.