Ghelamco completes sale of Iris Tower to Deka Immobilien

by   CIJ News iDesk II
2020-11-17   09:37
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Ghelamco completed the Iris Tower in Brussels within the agreed 18-month time frame. The 137-meter building has 41 floors, 34 of which are above ground. The Iris Tower will accommodate more than 2,000 officials of the Brussels Regional Public Service and Taxation Service in an area covering 44,742 sqm. “The deal was closed for the agreed amount of €205m. The building was handed over exactly on schedule within the timeline specified in the tender. The logistics planning in particular posed an enormous challenge, because we had to work in a very limited workspace (without storage facilities), squeezed in between busy main roads and the railway,” said Michael Gheysens, managing director of Ghelamco Belgium. “Such a tight schedule, which was further exacerbated by the corona measures, is only possible through excellent preparation and very strict monitoring. This is a key characteristic of Ghelamco’s business model, which is based on vertical integration, meaning that we are in full control of the entire building process, from design through to completion.”