In a year, 39 thousand fewer employees in Montenegro

by   CIJ News iDesk VII
2021-01-06   17:31

At the end of November last year, 163,851 people had jobs in Montenegro. That is 39,272 fewer employees than in the same month in 2019, according to the latest monthly statistical review of the Statistical Office of Montenegro. In the area of ​​administrative and auxiliary service activities, the number of employees was halved from 12,202 workers to 6,364, ie 5,838 workers. In the observed annual period, the number of employees in construction decreased by 4,836, and in wholesale and retail trade by as much as 7,437.

In the transport and storage sector, the number of employees decreased by 2,027, in accommodation and food services by 4,074, and in the field of information and communication by 616. The number of workers in finance and insurance fell by 633 persons, in real estate by 297, in professional, scientific and technical activities by 1,928, in the field of state administration and defense, compulsory social insurance by 1,904, in education by 2,785, health and social protection for 1,090, arts, entertainment and recreation for 1,009, and in other service activities for 875.