JTRE’s Downtown Yards Bratislava: sales launched & construction underway

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-05-02   11:46
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The gateway to Bratislava’s rapidly expanding downtown has seen outstanding levels of interest: 135 of the 650 residences have already been sold in the pre-sale phase. JTRE’s new Downtown Yards project aims to combine the city’s contemporary cosmopolitan atmosphere with the Nivy area’s tranquil atmosphere. This modern mixed-use ‘sustainable city’ neighbourhood is under construction, and great initial market launch prices for new homes are available right now.

The project’s popularity evidences the property sector’s robust return to health after a two-year slowdown, especially since these new Bratislava city centre buildings have kept asking prices stable despite rising interest rates. The ideal combination of a recovering sector and an exceptional project represents a tempting investment opportunity: buying a new build in Bratislava at the start of construction from a trusted developer is sure to deliver attractive financial returns.

"In its almost thirty years on the market, JTRE has proven itself with multiple high-quality projects delivered on time. The best example is Slovakia’s first skyscraper, Eurovea Tower: homeowners are receiving their keys right on time despite three years’ construction that included the covid pandemic and energy/raw material price surges," said Pavel Pelikán, JTRE’s executive director.

Downtown Yards Base.

This development on land between Košická, Prístavná, Plátenícka and Mlynské nivy comprises residential blocks ranging from 8 to 27 floors alongside busy Košická Street, and lower multi-functional buildings facing calm Plátenícka with a wide range of retail, services, boutique administration, and passive-build timber kindergarten. These welcoming residential areas will have attractive gardens and relaxing water features.

The area will see reduced traffic activity thanks to 1,721 underground parking spaces on three floors (where ample e-charging points will also be available), and each residential building will have a designated bicycle storage area to encourage green commuting and the use of local cycle routes. The project’s second stage will include an attractive 35-story office building on the corner of Košická and Prístavná streets.
After almost two years cleansing this former brownfield site, preparatory work for construction piles and concreting of the base plate have commenced. With first stage completion scheduled for 2026-2027, new home owners can look forward to receiving their keys in just three years.

High Fashion of Living.

Downtown Yards is an outstanding choice for city centre living - combining the tranquillity of courtyards with the benefits of quality infrastructure, and prioritizing quality space for time with family and friends. Premium family living will be guaranteed by high standard residences designed with an eye for detail, optimal layouts, and plenty of storage. Larger apartments’ dual orientation will provide inspiring views.

“People want more living space - and we provide: well-planned four-room 110 sqm apartments, as well as spacious layouts with 130 sqm and 160 sqm inspired by our London projects," explains Peter Píš, JTRE’s sales director. Many apartments will also have spacious living terraces, and buildings will have a reception, designated areas for deliveries, car wash services, and reserved parking for visitors.

“Downtown Yards will have unique placemaking. We sought universal concepts with a unique local touch: high-quality pub, friendly bistro, bakery with patisserie, great coffee… we aim to achieve a wide service range," adds Peter Píš.

Another benefit will be a special residential community space. "Following the example of our London project, Downtown Yards will showcase a Community Hub where residents can enjoy a library, a screening cinema, and activity area for teenagers. Perfect for family celebrations, creative/educational workshops, and chats with neighbours," adds Ivan Bratko, JTRE’s director of residential real estate sales. The project will also include a gym and a yoga studio.

Green areas will amount to 6,100 sqm, including the revitalized original tree avenue on Plátenícka Street and its extension to Prístavná, and new plantings along Košická. In the first phase alone, over 2,000 sqm of greenery will also cover roofs to retain water and reduce solar reflection. Public spaces and plant layouts were designed by the leading LABAK landscape architect studio, which prioritised biodiversity and the Danube’s original flora and fauna. A0 technical energy certification for the project’s air recuperation and rainwater collection will make Downtown Yards one of the greenest developments.

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