Liberec wants to have a draft zoning plan ready by mid-December

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-10-14   11:37

Liberec wants to have a draft of a new zoning plan ready by mid-December. It is now sending a decision on the objections to the relevant state administration bodies for consideration. According to Mayor Jaroslav Zámečník (Mayors for the Liberec Region), they received over 3,500, of which about 250 were added after the last public hearing in May this year.

"The mayor assumes that the so-called clean copy of the proposal should be received from the developer of the zoning plan by 15 December. "This means that the internal city circle will be launched from the middle of December, when we will start discussing it in committees and between representatives and the like," said Zámečník. He estimates that the council will approve the new zoning plan in February next year.

The town hall has been working on a new zoning plan to regulate the development of the country's fifth largest city in the next 20 to 30 years. The opposition has long criticized the proposed form. Its representatives believe that in many cases it goes against what the inhabitants demand. As an example, they mention the creation of an industrial zone next to the airport in Ostašov or the transfer of so-called mixed areas to industrial areas, which will affect the Vesec and Doubí districts.

The current management of the town hall rejects the criticism, saying that it is a proposal created by the previous management of the city. He does not want to make significant changes in it so that the new spatial plan can be adopted as soon as possible. He wants to solve problematic areas later with individual changes to the zoning plan.

Source: CTK