Manochehr Saadati-Sohi is developing a logistics park of over EUR 50 million in Afumati

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2021-03-31   10:34

Iranian businessman Manochehr Saadati-Sohi has teamed up with Mihail Astratinei, owner of developer In-Spekt, to prepare a logistics park worth more than EUR 50 million, behind the Doraly Expo Market complex in Afumați. The two investors own four plots of land with a total area of 17.9 hectares, which can be valued at over EUR 5 million, based on transactions in the area.

The proposed project for this land provides for the construction of 4 storage halls with a total built area of about 85,000 sqm. The duration of the project is estimated at 2 years.