MF: 9.4 million annual PITs were submitted, including over 8.5 million electronically

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-04-01   10:45

Taxpayers have so far submitted over 9.4 million annual PIT declarations, including electronically - over 8.5 million PITs and received a refund of PLN 5.5 billion of overpaid tax, the Ministry of Finance informed. Almost 3.7 million PITs have been received so far using the Your e-PIT service available at the e-Tax Office.

"Every year more and more taxpayers settle their PIT in electronic form, using the tools we prepare for them. We provide the fastest, easiest and safest way to submit a PIT" - said Tadeusz Kościński, Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Policy.

The ministry said that, according to the statements submitted so far, almost 1.7 million taxpayers are obliged to pay the subsidy, and over 4.1 million taxpayers may count on the refund from the tax office. In turn, taxpayers have so far paid PLN 921 million, which they have shown in their tax returns as "payable" tax.

"Tax offices ensure that the tax refund is quickly transferred to the taxpayer's account. Thanks to the solutions we have introduced, taxpayers who submit their PIT electronically can receive a tax refund just a few days after submitting the tax return" - said Magdalena Rzeczkowska, head of the National Tax Administration (KAS) .

The ministry reminded that on February 1 this year. The e-Tax Office has access, inter alia, to the service Your e-PIT, e-microfirmation, list of fines. They can make online payments to the tax authorities and see their payment history. Taxpayers who show an overpayment in their annual tax return and submit their tax return in electronic form can count on a faster return of their money. The office has a maximum of 45 days for this. In the case of statements made on paper, this period is three months.

Source: ISBnews