NEINVER renews certificates BREEAM In-Use for facilities in Poland

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2024-02-08   10:16

NEINVER, a leading operator, investor and developer of outlet centres in Europe, has renewed the Breeam in Use certificates for its portfolio of facilities in Poland. The Factory Outlets in Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow have been rated Excellent in the area of sustainable management. FACTORY Gliwice, the youngest in the chain, was certified in 2022.

"Meeting high standards in terms of sustainability is one of the one of the priority tasks in its development strategy in the European outlet market. The facilities in Poland have been built in line with best practices and experience. Over the years, they have been upgraded and equipped with innovative systems to minimise their environmental impact on the environment. This is recognition of our consistent work and success in the area of management, which involves the brands' representatives in caring for the environment and NEINVER's business partners," - says Maciej Zacharewicz, International Facility Manager at NEINVER.

The FACTORY outlets in Warsaw's Annopol and Ursus, as well as in Poznań, received an Excellent rating both in the area of facility development and management. FACTORY and Futura Park in Krakow were also rated Excellent in the facility area and Very good in the management area. FACTORY Gliwice in 2022 was rated Very Good in terms of the facility itself and Excellent in the area of management.

NEINVER's facilities in Poland are entirely supplied with electricity from renewable sources. from renewable sources. Thanks to constant monitoring and technical commitment, successfully reduce the consumption of utilities - electricity, gas and water. Suitably equipped waste collection areas allow for advanced waste segregation, so that more than 90 per cent of waste in FACTORY and Futura Park outlet stores is recycled.

Advanced ventilation systems allow for constant monitoring and maintaining the best possible indoor air parameters - temperature and carbon dioxide - taking into account the number of people in the shops and shopping arcades. A great deal of attention is also paid by NEINVER to the efficiency of their use.

NEINVER's facilities are adapted for use by people with reduced mobility. There are professionally equipped rooms for parents with children, allowing parents and their charges to feed and rest comfortably.

The centres have spacious car parks with spaces for families and people with disabilities, electric car chargers, bicycle stations and are accessible by public transport.

NEINVER also takes care of the biodiversity of the green areas around its facilities. They are all watered only with rainwater. It also pays a lot of attention to eliminating light pollution, from external sources, and its impact on the environment.

The Breeam certification of the NEINVER portfolio in Europe is one of the important elements of the company's long-term strategy "Building Tommorow", which sets out a detailed action plan in the area of sustainable development. It is a management model and an operating philosophy that consistently influences the minimisation of the carbon footprint, the mitigation of environmental risks to the environment, as well as making a positive impact and meeting the needs of stakeholders. It is also an important step towards building a sustainable, circular and socially responsible industry.