PET Professional Recycle factory triples its capacity

by   CIJ News iDesk V
2024-02-08   09:58

The Professional Recycle PET flake factory in Târgu-Mureş will triple its production capacity this year, following an investment of EUR 20 million, according to company officials. The factory was opened on the local market in 2010 and reached a turnover of RON 93 million lei (EUR 18.9 million) in 2022 andEUR 20 million last year.

"We are tripling the capacity of the recycling plant from 30,000 tons annually to 90,000 tons, following an investment of EUR 20 million, which we started at the beginning of this year. We will practically add two more production lines. Until last year, when we opened the second factory, we sent 100 percent of the production to export because there was demand there. Last year, however, we also used PET flakes as raw material at the second factory," said Mihai Moloiu, shareholder at Professional Recycle and the general director of PET Recycling Team, the factory opened last year.