Prague 5 is planning a school on Radlická street, the land will be acquired from Penta

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-27   15:11

Prague 5 City Hall plans to build a primary school for 540 pupils and a sports field in Radlická street. This follows from a study approved by the councilors of the city district. The school is to be located in another part of the emerging Waltrovka district, which is being built by Penta Real Estate. On the basis of a closed memorandum, those districts will provide land for the construction of a school and a sports field. Due to the growing population, Prague 5 plans to build more schools.

The new school is to be located at Radlická near the U Trezorky bus stop and the Penta Aviatica office building. According to the approved study, it should directly follow the planned construction of the third part of the Waltrovka residential district. It will teach first and second grades and has 18 general and eight specialist classrooms.

A gymnasium with a playground on the roof is also to be built next to the school. "The building is designed so that it can be used seven days a week, not only for teaching, but also for sports clubs until the evening hours," the document states. The approved resolution does not indicate when the construction should start, according to him, the town hall will continue negotiations with Penta on the coordination of plans.

Currently, the location is relatively unfriendly due to the presence of the busy Radlická street. According to the City Hall, this should change in the future. "With the construction of a new district and the prospective construction of the Radlická radial, the street could become an urban boulevard with quieter traffic, a tram and a tree line," the study states. "In the long term, we want to cooperate with the investor on the overall humanization of Radlická Street, which could significantly calm down after the completion of Radlická Radialá," confirmed Prague 5 councilor Zdeněk Doležal (ODS).

According to the demographic forecast prepared by Prague 5, by the end of 2030, mainly due to new construction, the number of inhabitants of Prague 5 will increase from the current roughly 89,000 by up to a fifth. The number of children and seniors is expected to increase significantly. Therefore, it will be necessary to secure additional places in primary and kindergarten schools. In addition to the planned school in Waltrovka, others are to be built in the emerging Smíchov City district, in Košířy and in Barrandov. Prague 5 also previously bought a kindergarten from Penta for CZK 34.5 million, which the company built during the construction of Waltrovka.

Source: CTK