Slovak branch of CAPEXUS is led by Michal Kolesár. Jakub Seči is now the Head of Architecture SK

2021-03-30   13:09
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CAPEXUS, a workplace consultant and designer and implementer of office and retail space, has a new CEO of its Bratislava branch. Michal Kolesár, who was hired as the company's sales director in 2020, is now assuming the top job. Jakub Seči, the architect behind the design of offices for Jan Becher Pernod Ricard, UniCredit Bank and Sev.en Energy in Prague, comes to Bratislava with the task of leading the architectural department.

"Michal Kolesár is an experienced expert in the field of commercial real estate and since his appointment we can look forward to strengthening our role in the areas of design and implementation of office space and workplace consulting," said CAPEXUS Managing Partner Daniel Matula. "Michal's goal will be to expand our portfolio of clients and services. We also want to take advantage of the fact that CAPEXUS is a founding member of Studio Alliance, an association that allows multinational companies to rely on the same quality service in 12 European countries, whether they are considering setting up a branch or changing their existing premises."

Kolesár (38) joined CAPEXUS after five years at CBRE, where he was promoted from a consultant to the position of Associate Director. At CBRE, Kolesár represented landlords and tenants.

After five years in the Prague headquarter of CAPEXUS, where he contributed to the design of offices for Jan Becher Pernod Ricard, Sportisimo, Sev.en Energy and UniCredit Bank among others, Jakub Seči (29) is moving to Bratislava as Head of Architecture. A graduate of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, his goal is to address a wider range of clients and to promote architecture as one of the services that CAPEXUS provides.